how to reset the hybris license without re-initialization local hybris setup

When we are working on the local machine for Hybris development, We need to initialize the local system or need to have a new license key, As the default Hybris license key is valid only for 30 days. We can’t start the application until the key is not reset. we will get the below error.

Below are the option to reset the License key.

  • Hybris Initialization 

 We can initialize the Hybris system to get a new license key automatically but it will override all data and reset to default DB. We have to do the data setup again which is a waste of time for developers.

  • Temporary License without initialization

Open the file Hybris\config\licence\ with the editor.

Remove the already generated License and save the file.

Now got to the Platform folder (Hybris\bin\platform) and run the command license.bat -temp CPS_SQL

  • Reset the created date to current date (will reset license to 0 for next 30days)

Open any Database to reset the created date for users to current date or now()

We can take example for My SQL DataBase. Open your Local MySQL in terminal

select the name of Database using “use DB_NAME;”

Execute the query to update license count to 0 “UPDATE users set createdTS = NOW();

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